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We finally got back to our roots when we joined the other wonderful companies who participated in this year’s Home Builders home and products show that took place on the weekend of Valentine’s Day.  Our staff and even the owners Chuck and Suzanne showed up to set up and build what has never been done before ! They worked around the clock creating two of the most impressive kitchen venuettes that have ever been done .   If you weren’t able to attend, we captured some photos of all that took place and the final results so you can see for yourself what we achieved… AWESOMENESS! The community came out in the masses and we had such an incredible show with the help of Victor and his team over at Kent Moore Cabinets.  Come see our new kitchen designs at our showroom and visit with Kent Moore’s staff on site! Yep, you read that right! Kent Moore is now calling BVFD home as they have taken up shop on our campus so that they can always have someone available to talk about the designs, different wood species, and the latest trends.